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Facial Gift set: Many people may use facial products to increase moisture in skin, for acne reduction or to protect your skin. When our Full Spectrum Hemp Extract is added to the mix, it creates an even better experience by adding anti-inflammatory properties, calming effects and acne reduction benefits. In this gift set you will try three of our best CBD-infused products; Facial Lotion, Hands & Heels Body Butter and a Facial Scrub.

Facial Lotion – Our facial Lotion has amazing moisturizing properties while also combating problem skin by reducing pimples and acting as a protective barrier to your skin. Apply to freshly cleansed skin, massaging in with light, circular motions. Best results when using after the Facial Scrub.

Hands & Heels Body Butter – Your skin deserves to be treated better. Start with our Hands & Heels Body Butter which is made up of olive oil for anti-aging properties, beeswax for protection and to get rid of dead skin cells. Avocado & hemp seed oil will hydrate your skin while the shea butter helps soften. We use Arrowroot to promote natural healing and eliminate toxins and use essential oils, lavender & rosemary to moisturize dry skin and give it a wonderful smell. The 250mg of Full Spectrum Hemp Flower Extract added combines & multiplies the effects listed above to create the best experience in moisturizing & soothing your skin. Apply to freshly cleansed skin, massaging in areas that require hydration.

Facial Scrub – This is an improvement & replacement for the old facial scrub sitting on your shelf. This is a gentle exfoliating acid based formula using Alpha-Hydroxy Acids derived from various fruits, mainly apple & papaya. AHAs will dissolve dead skin cells, while the Willow bark & Vitamin C will tighten pores leaving skin refreshed and revitalized while firming & toning the skin. The cucumber & witch hazel extract reduces inflammation while the dl-Panthenol leaves the skin feeling soft, conditioned & hydrated. The mask is in a clear gel base; leave on from 30 minutes to 3 full hours for a full exfoliating effect. Apply to clean dry skin, leave on for 30 – 90 minutes, wash off & follow up with our facial lotion.

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Tallchief Hemp Facial Gift Set with Lotion, Body Butter, and Facial Scrub

Tallchief Hemp Facial Gift Set

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