J.C. received his first COVID Vaccine

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Last Saturday, J.C. received his first COVID vaccine from Dr. Raul Vazquez of G-Health Enterprises at a pop-up event held Native American Community Services (NACS.) The event was held in cooperation with G-Health Enterprises, The JC Seneca Foundation, NACS, and The Seneca Nation Health System.

Following his vaccination, J.C. announced that he and Dr. Vazquez have agreed to partner in providing much-needed medical and health care services to Native territories and surrounding communities in the rural areas of Southern Erie, Chautauqua, and Cattaraugus Counties. The services will be provided through Dr. Vazquez’s G-Health mobile medical clinic which can provide preventative treatments and screenings and services like primary care, immunizations and COVID-19 testing.

J. C noted that he and Dr. Vazquez are still working out the details regarding when the mobile medical unit will begin setting up appointments in the Southern Tier and what services will initially be offered. The one thing the two men have agreed upon is that as soon as the doctor is able to secure COVID vaccines, he will bring them to Tallchief Territory/Native Pride for a pop-up vaccination event. Dates and times will publicly announced as soon as the information is available.

To learn more about Saturday’s pop-up event, and J.C. and Dr. Vazquez’s medical and health care partnership, check out the news links below.



Pop-up vaccine clinic held in Buffalo for Native Americans



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