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In 2018 we began selling CBD products, in our Native Pride Convenience Store. Soon after in January 2019 we began producing and selling our own CBD products known as, Tallchief Hemp. As descendants of Native people who first settled on this land, we have a long history and deep knowledge of hemp—growing it, harvesting it, and today processing it into pure, premium, and effective CBD.

We created Tallchief Hemp so that people could benefit from its natural, healing properties. We’re proud to note that Tallchief Hemp is a safe and consistent product, as validated by third party laboratory testing that ensures the safety and accuracy of each dose.

While we understand the treatment value of Tallchief Hemp and other brands of CBD available in our store, we want to learn more. That’s why we’re asking our Native Pride clients, to share your experience(s) with the type(s) of CBD you have purchased from us and how it’s helped you.

Beginning January 18th we will an Ipad available at the CBD checkout counter containing a CBD/hemp survey of products and results. The survey is short and will require only a couple of minutes to complete.

Why should you care about this survey?

First, information you share about the CBD you use and the results you experience will help improve our processing and manufacturing methods, ultimately providing more effective treatments.

Second, while your identity and personal/medical information requested in our survey will be protected and confidential, the generic data will become the foundation of a CBD study. It will provide valuable information on outcomes of treatments for specific conditions, patterns of care and use, as well as side effects, all helping to improve the overall effectiveness of CBD in the future.

Third, if you take the survey and give us a personal testimony at the end with your email address or phone number at the end, you will receive a $5 gift certificate good for any Tallchief Hemp product sold in our store.

Please, if you use our Tallchief Hemp or any of our CBD products, take our survey and let us know how they are working for you. Score your $5 gift certificate and help us continue to spread wellness, and advance healthy living in body, mind, and spirit for all.

J C Seneca / Owner Tallchief Territory, Home of Native Pride

Erika Seneca

Erika Seneca

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