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At Tallchief Hemp we strive to fuel your journey with pure, effective and premium CBD products. We are based out of the Sovereign Onöndowa’ga:’ (Seneca) Territory, just miles South of Buffalo, NY. The regions of New York where Iroquois people reside was once filled with fields of hemp, we have a long history with the plant. Tallchief Hemp was created so that people could benefit from the natural properties once again. We are able to supply a safe & consistent product, which is backed up by a Third Party Laboratory Test to ensure the safety and accuracy of each dose. CBD has amazing benefits – it is “Mother Earth’s Medicine” and we are happy to help spread the wellness to advance healthy living in body, mind, and spirit for all.

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J.C. received his first COVID Vaccine

Last Saturday, J.C. received his first COVID vaccine from Dr. Raul Vazquez of G-Health Enterprises at a pop-up event held Native American Community Services (NACS.) The event was held in cooperation with G-Health Enterprises, The JC Seneca Foundation, NACS, and The Seneca Nation Health System. Following his vaccination, J.C. announced that he and Dr. Vazquez…

Tallchief Hemp CBD Survey

In 2018 we began selling CBD products, in our Native Pride Convenience Store. Soon after in January 2019 we began producing and selling our own CBD products known as, Tallchief Hemp. As descendants of Native people who first settled on this land, we have a long history and deep knowledge of hemp---growing it, harvesting it,…

J C Seneca Honored as Native Entrepreneur of The Year During Native American Heritage Month

Irving, NY November 16, 2020  —  Seneca Nation businessman, J C Seneca, has spent the last year celebrating the 25th Anniversary of his Native Pride Travel Plaza with a focus on his Tallchief heritage and ancestry. He will finish up the 25th anniversary honors this month— Native American Heritage Month— by receiving the Native Business Magazine Entrepreneur of the Year Award.…

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