• The Finest Hemp Smokes You Will Ever Light!

    Keep the habit, but quit tobacco and nicotine. Chief Stix aims to provide consumers with a smoking experience free of tobacco, nicotine, and additives.  Hemp smokes are made with nothing but natural American sun-grown organic hemp and rolled with biodegradable paper and filters.

  • A delicious way to consume gummies.

    We no longer have the D8 product - Try our CBD gummies for a similar result with no psychoactive effect.
  • A Very Common Way To Use Higher Concentrated CBD.

    Tinctures are a very common way to use higher concentrated CBD because it only takes a few drops and a few minutes to start feeling the benefits. Most use CBD tincture to help with anxiety, sleep, relief and appetite.

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    At Tallchief Hemp we strive to fuel your journey with pure, effective and premium CBD products. We are based out of the Sovereign Onöndowa’ga:’ (Seneca) Territory, just miles South of Buffalo, NY. The regions of New York where Iroquois people reside was once filled with fields of hemp, we have a long history with the plant. Tallchief Hemp was created so that people could benefit from the natural properties once again. We are able to supply a safe & consistent product, which is backed up by a Third Party Laboratory Test to ensure the safety and accuracy of each dose. CBD has amazing benefits – it is “Mother Earth’s Medicine” and we are happy to help spread the wellness to advance healthy living in body, mind, and spirit for all.

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